Aiming to expand the dialog with readers, Juergen Breier, Klaus Hofmann, Christine Fuhr and Mary Frances Scott (from left to right) make up the SCHOTT Info editorial staff.
Christine Fuhr, Mainz, Germany

In Contact with Customers

100th issue of “SCHOTT info”: SCHOTT’s international customer magazine has been a platform for dialog between the technology company and its partners in the market for more than 25 years.

Communication experts and company managers agree: At the very time when people are being swamped with information, a customer magazine is an effective way of addressing customers, investors and employees. The acceptance of professionally produced business media is documented by surveys carried out by the Institut für Demoskopie, a research organization in Allensbach, Germany. According to the institute, four-fifths of readers surveyed read the magazines and half added that they had obtained “a lot of useful tips and hints” from them. Good customer publications achieve a level of readership and reader loyalty comparable to the average for newsstand magazines.

Sign of the times recognized early

Originally a purely scientific journal, SCHOTT Info has developed into a customer magazine with an attractive layout and articles written in a popular science style
Products and services in the business-to-business field often require explanation and are exactly the area where target-group oriented customer magazines provide clarification and offer a suitable communication platform. Already in the sixties, SCHOTT produced a small format publication devoted to scientific topics under the title “SCHOTT information”. Its initial circulation was restricted to scientists employed by customers, institutes and universities. After a few initial changes to its appearance and contents, it was redesigned in 1977 and reestablished itself as a four-color publication in the international magazine format – aimed at customers, potential customers, partners in business and science, opinion-makers in politics and government plus the media and interested members of the public.

The result was a professional piece of journalism, attractively laid out and to a high standard of quality, initially in German and English but within a short space of time in French and Spanish too, for a large international readership. Written in a popular style, “SCHOTT information” reported on special achievements, new developments, and products and their applications and also on SCHOTT Group companies and markets. Complicated facts were conveyed in simple language.

Continuously being improved

In 1998 the magazine was given the shorter title “SCHOTT info” plus the tag “The special glass magazine”. The character of the magazine was polished further, adapting to changes in readership habits and information needs which called for short, easily digested articles. SCHOTT technology and innovation and its market and customer oriented alignment served as the main sources of inspiration for articles. The magazine also included profiles and articles on partners in the market plus greater emphasis on international topics. A relatively new feature is the online version (, which makes it possible to carry out rapid searches and downloads and to contact particular departments directly.

Attractively presented information about SCHOTT’s range of activities and interesting stories about markets and partners promote a dialog with customers and give readers timely information on products and applications.