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About Us
In Contact with Customers
100th issue of “SCHOTT info”: SCHOTT’s international customer magazine has been a platform for dialog between the technology company and its partners in the market for more than 25 years. [more]

Glass Pioneer with Charisma
Otto SCHOTT (1851 – 1935) is regarded as the founder of modern glass science and glass technology. December 17, 2001 was the 150th anniversary of his birth. [more]

Models and Measuring Probes
Optimizing Melting Processes
What happens in the glass melting process is extraordinarily complex. Computer models and simulations, in addition to new measuring probes, provide a better understanding of the process and how to continually improve glass production. [more]

Manufacture of Glasses
Transparency with Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic models are an aid to predicting the properties of glass and provide an insight into the progress of reactions in the manufacture of glasses and multi-component industrial products. [more]

“Jewels” for Innovations
In the form of jewels, monocrystals have fascinated people for centuries. New methods of analysis are now making it possible to grow them for demanding applications, for example in lithography. [more]

With Mask Blanks into the Champions League
SCHOTT LITHOTEC has further extended its leading position as a supplier of key components for lithography with its Advanced Quality Line (AQL). [more]

Optical Components
“Eyes” for a Telescope
It is not enough for a telescope to possess a large reflecting surface. Only when the image quality of the astronomical instruments and the optical components are at their best is it possible to make new discoveries about the cosmos. [more]

LED Lighting
Long-Lasting and Light-Fast
Intelligent LED lighting complements SCHOTT’s know-how in fiber optics to provide a broader spectrum of lighting solutions for machine vision solutions. Innovative, patented functions improve application potential for industrial quality control. [more]

Fire-resistant Glass
Quick Access Airport
Architects in Dresden have created a bright and open airport terminal out of a closed down airplane hangar. “Pyran S” fire-resistant glass was used for the greatest degree of transparency and fire safety. [more]

50th Anniversary Celebrations
The Right Choice
On May 10, 1952, SCHOTT opened its new main glassworks in Mainz with a crucible casting for optical glass. This event was re-enacted for the 50th anniversary celebrations. [more]

A Place of Hospitality
On December 17, 2001, SCHOTT formally opened the second section of the SCHOTT GLASMuseum in Jena in the villa that was once the home of the company’s founder. [more]