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SCHOTT solutions 2/2016

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SCHOTT solutions 2/2016  
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Let there be light
Glass and light are partners in creating a perfect atmosphere in airplanes and cars.

Above the clouds
Holistic lighting concepts ensure a greater sense of comfort for airplane passengers.

Interview: ”The future of the LED lies in Smart Lighting”
LED-Experte Prof. Tran Quoc Khanh über das ­perfekte Licht und „Smart Lighting”.

Interview: Just one word
Prof. Christine Lüdecke: Why design only works with light.

A rolling comfort oasis
New glass fiber components in automobile ­interiors extend ”visual borders.”

Bright solutions
How the design and functions of kitchen appli­ances can be changed by using LEDs and glass.

Printed electronics
Ultra-thin glass foils are ringing in a new era in the semiconductor industry.

Hanging gardens
Algae production can be improved quite significantly by using vertically arranged glass tubes.

Keeping sustainably cool
CO2 climate control systems are environ­mentally friendly – a key component comes from SCHOTT.

Glass or polymer?
The choice of materials is crucial when it comes to syringes and ampoules.

Material with unlimited possibilities
How photostructurable FOTURAN® glass is ­driving innovations in future fields.

Lithium – in greater demand than ever
Due to the importance of electromobility the demand and the price of lithium are rising.


Award for innovation
SCHOTT received the ­German Industry ­Innovation Award for its ultra-thin glass.


Outdoor fireplace
An outdoor fireplace equipped with SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing window improves the ­quality of life for activities in the open air.