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SCHOTT solutions 2/2011

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SCHOTT solutions 2/2011
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It’s All about the Ingredients
Environmental compatibility is becoming more important in the kitchen. The ”Chef of the Year” competition that SCHOTT CERAN® sponsored illustrates this, but also the production of glass-ceramic cooktop panels.

Russia on its Way to ”Pharma 2020”
A new pharmaceutical packaging plant will serve the growing Russian market.

Play of Colors with Glass
The new concert and congress centre in Reykjavik fascinates observers with its unique glass façade.

Doubly Certified and Environmentally Friendly
CERAN® Eco glass-ceramic cooktop panels certified by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories.

Development Opportunity for Africa
The German Solar Academy Nairobi is helping to generate electricity with solar power.

Strong Beyond Comparison
With SCHOTT Xensation® Cover, a promising cover glass for touch panels is now entering the race.

Sunny Times
A perfect example of how to use solar energy can now be seen in Sydney’s harbor.

Soothing Light
Intelligent lighting solutions in hospitals have positive effects on patients’ moods.

Experts on Top Solar Projects
”SCHOTT Solar Power Projects” is successfully driving large international projects.

Smart People with Creative Ideas
800 participants from 68 countries developed ideas on how to use angular profiled glass tubes.

Natural Beauty
Inconspicuous dental composites made of ultrafine glass powder are increasingly replacing amalgam.

Bridge between Cultures
The Shanghai Museum of Glass tells the story of glass in the Orient and Occident.

”Documenting the Concurrency of Glass”
Architect Tilman Thürmer on the artistic design of museums in China.

Solar Powered Snacks
Pennsylvania’s largest solar park supplies a U.S. food retailer with electricity.

Clearly Positioned
Reflective glasses offer excellent design options for household appliances.

ElecTRONic Light Show
Innovative light guidance technology allows for special effects in Stern’s new TRON pinball machines.


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