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SCHOTT solutions 1/2016

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SCHOTT solutions 1/2016  
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Fascinating flexibility
Ultra-thin glass is incredibly bendable, stable and versatile. It can be used to accelerate processors, reduce the size of chip packages and produce flexible smartphone displays in the electronics and semiconductor industries.

As clear as water
Photobioreactors made of glass prove their effectiveness in  wastewater treatment as part of an algae-based process.

Automatically in the best light
Light components from SCHOTT ensure optimal illumination of workpieces in the digital measuring projector ZEISS O-SELECT.

70 Filters for producing a 3-d map of the universe
Special optical filters in the Javalambre Telescopes enable us to learn more about distant galaxies.

A double chamber with a fourfold advantage
Double chamber cartridges offer new ways to store modern medicines better and administer them more easily.

Making the invisible visible
SCHOTT is developing novel glasses for thermally insensitive and increasingly powerful optical infrared systems.

Buying with your eyes
Frameless glass doors in commercial refrigeration systems improve product presentation and enhance the shopping experience.

Identification by microchip
Biocompatible glass tubes protect the electronics in animal transponders and are especially compatible.

Comforting warmth
The high-performance NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic combines functionality and the highest design standards in infrared heaters.

Precise cuts
High-quality glass tubes are important components in CO2 lasers and make the perfect laser beam possible.

Creative cooktop design
A young industrial designer won the CERAN® Design Award with her „Hex Twist” cooktop panel.

Enlightening the darkness of the cosmos
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope finds dark energy with the help of optical mirrors made of BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass.

Experience SCHOTT and marvel
The „WORLD OF SCHOTT” invites to embark on an exciting journey of discovery into a fascinating world of technology.