All reports about SCHOTT in the USA

SCHOTT Info 106
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Poised to Become Number One
KTechnological leadership, outstanding customer care and products of the highest quality – the Pharmaceutical Packaging Business Segment of the SCHOTT Group has a clear recipe for success. [more]

Electronic touch technology
Convenient Cookers
Combined with intelligent control systems and “Ceran” cooktop panels, electronic touch technology offers greater convenience in high-quality cookers in North America. This system is now going to be introduced to the next targeted market: Europe. [more]

SCHOTT Info 105
Continuing to Develop Growth Opportunities
SCHOTT generates one-quarter of its world sales of two billion euros in the United States. Dr. Leopold von Heimendahl, Chairman of the Board of Management, and Dr. Johannes Hain, President of SCHOTT Corporation, spoke about the 40-year U.S. presence of the international technology company, its strategy and plans for the future. [more]

Full service
Customer-Oriented Research
With its expertise in optical, ophthalmic and laser glasses, SCHOTT in Duryea, nestled in the hills of northeast Pennsylvania, is the second largest “full service“ Research and Development site in the SCHOTT Group, after the Otto SCHOTT Research Center in Mainz. [more]

UBS Tower
Uniting the interior with the exterior
The UBS Tower in Chicago is a distinct addition to the skyline of the famous “Windy City” in the Midwest of the United States. [more]

SCHOTT Info 104
Home Appliance Industry
An Innovation Partner
SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation, a joint venture company in which SCHOTT has a majority interest, is a leading supplier and R & D partner to the North American home appliance industry. [more]

SCHOTT Info 103
From “Micro” to “Nano”
The technological race in the field of microelectronics is continuing at an undiminished pace. SCHOTT LITHOTEC supplies materials for wafer steppers with which it is possible to produce still tinier chips. [more]

SCHOTT Info 99
2002 Olympic Winter games
The Flame from Within
The torch carrying the Olympic flame to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah is crowned with borosilicate glass from SCHOTT. [more]

SCHOTT Info 98
From the Simple Tube to the High-Tech Telescope
Is anybody out there? From time immemorial men have sought ways and means of exploring the universe. [more]

Sunny Times
The acquisition of America’s Applied Power Corporation provides SCHOTT with a ticket to a market with good long-term growth potential. [more]

SCHOTT Info 97
Tuning Glass Fibers
Fiber management components, filters and lasers from SCHOTT are critical to the Internet‘s ability to keep pace with exploding demand. [more]

Shortening Innovation Cycles
Dr. Karl-Peter Merz, member of the Corporate Management Committee, and Dr. Ulrich Ackermann, head of the Opto-Electronics Strategic Business Unit, on the history and opportunities of SCHOTT‘s new start-up companies in the data/communication sector. [more]

SCHOTT Info 96
Glass Art
Composed Light
The recent donation of his massive glass sculpture “Sail” to the University of Central Florida provides yet another opportunity for SCHOTT Glass Technologies to showcase the astonishing art of the company’s artist-in-residence, Christopher Ries. [more]

SCHOTT Info 95
Reaching for the Genes
In Biotech labs SCHOTT “BOROFLOAT” is playing a role in the decoding of the human genome. [more]

Conservation Lighting
In the right light
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can be considered the birthplace of the United States. Historical documents which shaped the history of the new nation are displayed here, illuminated with fiber optic lighting from SCHOTT. [more]

SCHOTT Info 94
Light Architecture
Floating Sculpture
Internationally renowned architects, designers and engineers have collaborated to create the world’s largest light sculpture. It is made with “Duran” from SCHOTT. [more]