All reports about SCHOTT in Spain

SCHOTT Info 106
Solar telescope
Tracking the Sun
With the help of a new solar telescope astronomers have discovered properties of the sun’s surface that have been unknown up to now. [more]

SCHOTT Info 98
From the Simple Tube to the High-Tech Telescope
Is anybody out there? From time immemorial men have sought ways and means of exploring the universe. [more]

Art with Light Effects
A World Made of Small Lights
The Spanish artist Pere Bruix works with glass fibers, achieving impressive effects in the process. [more]

SCHOTT Info 94
“ZERODUR®” Glass Ceramic
Discovering the Past
The Gran Telescopio Canarias is set to become the world’s biggest telescope. SCHOTT is supplying 42 “ZERODUR®” glass ceramic mirror carriers for the project. [more]

Interview with GTC director Dr. Pedro Álvarez
In Search of Faint Objects
The outstandingly high image quality of the GTC will enable astronomers to explore other planetary systems. [more]

A Bizarre Builder
In the heart of Barcelona’s busy downtown, Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces continue to fascinate visitors. The interior of the Casa Milá apartment building can now be admired from the street thanks to non-reflective ”Amiran” glass made by SCHOTT Spezialglas AG, Standort Grünenplan. [more]