Product brands – ZERODUR®

21 reports available for download, each as a
Microsoft Word document (ZIP archiv) or Adobe Acrobat Reader file (.pdf)
Glass ceramic components
Large Components for Small Structures

German Weather Service
The Weather Prophets

Solar telescope
Tracking the Sun

Top Optics with a Wide Field

Mirror Substrate
Exploring Space

Telescope Projects
Ever Larger and More Powerful

From “Micro” to “Nano”

Nobel Prize
The Father of X-Ray Astronomy

Weather satellite
More Precise Forecasts

Optical Components
“Eyes” for a Telescope

EUV Lithography
Fit for Future Chip Technology

From the Simple Tube to the High-Tech Telescope

Precise Testing Bodies

Glass Processing
Implementing Innovation Faster

Precise monitoring of the Earth’s rotation

ROSAT: Methuselah among satellites

Schott GlasMuseum
From Obsidian to Laser glass

“ZERODUR®” Glass Ceramic
Discovering the Past

“ZERODUR®” Glass Ceramic
Ultramodern Measuring Technology

Interview with Dr. Pedro Álvarez
In Search of Faint Objects

New Optical Materials
As valuable as Gold

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