Category – Research & Science

25 reports available for download, each as a
Microsoft Word document (ZIP archiv) or Adobe Acrobat Reader file (.pdf)
The Neutrino Hunters

Quality assurance
Analyses Further Progress

A Big Future for the Tiniest of Particles

Microstructures and nanostructures
Following Nature’s Footsteps

Otto Schott Research Award
Solid-State Lasers in Focus

Full service
Customer-Oriented Research

Fluorescence Spectroscopy
On the Lookout for Microparticles

Increasing Efficiency

Innovation offensive
Becoming Partners

Breakthrough Under Ground

“Jewels” for Innovations

Manufacture of Glasses
Transparency with Thermodynamics

Models and Measuring probes
Optimizing Melting Processes

Otto Schott
Glass Pioneer with Charisma

Analysis and Measurement
Assessing Reliability

Superior Results Through Concerted Efforts

Nuclear Fusion
A Real Mega Project

Schott future
Research with Market Proximity

EUV Lithography
Fit for Future Chip Technology

Lighting Technology
Efficiency with Electroluminescence

Research Award
Milestones for Glass Science

Precise Testing Bodies

Good connection

Interview: Promoting Science
Funds for Research

Reaching for the Genes

Precise monitoring of the Earth’s rotation

Medical Technology
Patients in a New Light

“ZERODUR®” Glass Ceramic
Ultramodern Measuring Technology

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