Category – Art & Design

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Photo exhibition
From a New Perspective

Marble, Gold and “Mirogard”

Glass Artists
Each Piece is Unique

Light Guides
Making Something Heavy Light

Rosengart Collection
How Miró came to “Mirogard”

2002 Olympic Winter games
The Flame from Within

Interior Design
Special Effects with Lighting

Crystal-clear Sounds

Art with Light Effects
A World Made of Small Lights

National Science Museum
The Giant Blue Wing

All in White

Glass art
Light in tubes

Picture glazing
Protection with True Rendition

Glass Art
Composed Light

Interior Design
The Art of Creating Space

Schott at the Expo
A Fountain as a Pendulum

Optically effective

Art from Broken Glass
A Rainbow within Glass

Light Architecture
Floating Sculpture

Interactive Forum
Creative Possibilities for Designers

Lighting Systems
Entertainment on a Superlative Scale

Room Installation
Glassy Genetic Codes

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