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SCHOTT Info 106
The Neutrino Hunters
How was outer space created? What processes occur in suns and supernovae? What happens in black holes? Many of these fundamental questions that have long been the subject of research have close ties with the universe. [more]

SCHOTT Info 105
Full service
Customer-Oriented Research
With its expertise in optical, ophthalmic and laser glasses, SCHOTT in Duryea, nestled in the hills of northeast Pennsylvania, is the second largest “full service“ Research and Development site in the SCHOTT Group, after the Otto SCHOTT Research Center in Mainz. [more]

Otto Schott Research Award
Solid-State Lasers in Focus
Professor Andreas Tünnermann, a physicist working at the Institute for Applied Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany received the Otto Schott Research Award in 2003 for his research work in the field of solid-state lasers. [more]

Microstructures and nanostructures
Following Nature’s Footsteps
The discovery of optical microstructures and nanostructures has opened completely new technological perspectives. [more]

Quality assurance
Analyses Further Progress
SCHOTT relies on state-of-the-art analytical methods for quality assurance and the development of new products. This expertise is concentrated in the Analysis and Measurement Service (AMS) of Research & Development. [more]

SCHOTT Info 103
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
On the Lookout for Microparticles
With their modern measuring technology for fluorescence spectroscopy, SCHOTT experts can detect impurities of less than 50 ppb in optical materials. [more]

SCHOTT Info 101
Increasing Efficiency
With “SCHOTT Slide A” SCHOTT has developed a coated substrate for microarrays that makes it possible to carry out a more reliable analysis of DNA activity. [more]

Innovation offensive
Becoming Partners
SCHOTT’s innovation offensive is getting a further boost from its new “Health” business. [more]

Breakthrough Under Ground
Do neutrinos change type as they travel from the sun to the Earth? Scientists at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory have answered this key question of physics, using special glass from SCHOTT. [more]

SCHOTT Info 100
Glass Pioneer with Charisma
Otto SCHOTT (1851 – 1935) is regarded as the founder of modern glass science and glass technology. December 17, 2001 was the 150th anniversary of his birth. [more]

Models and Measuring Probes
Optimizing Melting Processes
What happens in the glass melting process is extraordinarily complex. Computer models and simulations, in addition to new measuring probes, provide a better understanding of the process and how to continually improve glass production. [more]

Manufacture of Glasses
Transparency with Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic models are an aid to predicting the properties of glass and provide an insight into the progress of reactions in the manufacture of glasses and multi-component industrial products. [more]

“Jewels” for Innovations
In the form of jewels, monocrystals have fascinated people for centuries. New methods of analysis are now making it possible to grow them for demanding applications, for example in lithography. [more]

SCHOTT Info 99
Lighting Technology
Efficiency with Electroluminescence
Thin, flexible, durable and energy-saving – these are the top features of high-grade lighting elements based on organic light-emitting diodes. The technological foundation for the production of large area components is being investigated in SCHOTT research labs. [more]

EUV Lithography
Fit for Future Chip Technology
SCHOTT LITHOTEC is a world leader in high-tech optical materials for lithography. In a new project the company is now also developing key materials and components for Extreme Ultraviolet Technology (EUVL). [more]

SCHOTT future
Research with Market Proximity
More than 180 research and development specialists from virtually every SCHOTT production location worldwide recently spent two days at the headquarters in Mainz discussing innovation projects and market proximity. [more]

Nuclear Fusion
A Real Mega Project
A research facility is currently being set up in the south of France near Bordeaux that is heralding in a new era in laser technology. SCHOTT is supplying the laser glass and other important optical components. [more]

Superior Results Through Concerted Efforts
Man’s utilization of the material glass goes back more than 5000 or 6000 years – and yet this most astonishing of materials is still offering an enormous wealth of innovative potential which we're only just beginning to discover. [more]

Analysis and Measurement
Assessing Reliability
When the reliability of glass products has to be assessed or improved, the Analysis and Measurement Department at SCHOTT is an indispensable asset. [more]

SCHOTT Info 98
Research Award
Milestones for Glass Science
This year’s Otto SCHOTT Research Award was granted to Professor Dr. Reinhard Conradt (Institute of Mineral Engineering, Chair of Glass and Ceramic Composites, RWTH Aachen) and to the Russian team, Dr. Boris Anatoljevich Shakhmatkin and Dr. Natalia Mikhailovna Vedishcheva (Institute of Silicate Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg) for exceptional scientific achievements. [more]

Precise Testing Bodies
In order to ensure that the dimensions of components are accurate to within a few micrometers, stationary coordinate measuring devices or mobile laser trackers are used. The measurement accuracy of these devices, however, must also be regularly monitored within the framework established by the ISO 9000 – using calibrating standards made of “ZERODUR®.” [more]

SCHOTT Info 97
Good connection
In microsystems technology, complex electronic and mechanical structures are brought together in a very tiny space. Special glasses from SCHOTT are also used in this future-oriented technology: as stabilizers and insulators. [more]