Home Appliance
"Ceran" glass-ceramic cooktops, oven doors for ovens, grills and microwaves, refrigerator shelves, sight glasses and safty screens, "Jenaer Glas" products. [more]
Health Care, Laboratory & Chemistry
Special glass tubing for pharmaceutical primary packaging, laboratory glassware. [more]
Communication & Electronics
Optical telecom components, glas-
to-metal seals for electrical components, TV glass, display glass. [more]
Special glasses for the precision optical industry, ophthalmic, electronics, laser technique, optical materials for lithography. [more]
Coated cold light reflectors, fibre optic components and lighting systems. [more]
Advanced Technologies
Laser cutting of display glasses, technologies for precision working. [more]
Architecture & Living
Fire-resisting glasses, non-reflective glasses for exterior and interior use, wash basins of glass. [more]
Energy & Environment
TV glass recycling, corporate environmental protection, photovoltaic, solar energy. [more]
Transport & Automotive
Light guides for traffic control systems, components for airbag igniters and safety electronics, rear view mirrors. [more]
Research & Science
Product innovations, R&D at SCHOTT, Otto-SCHOTT Research Award. [more]
„ZERODUR®“ glass ceramic for telescope projects (e.g. VLT, GTC), X-ray telescopes (e.g. Chandra, Sofia). [more]
Art & Design
Portraits of artists working with glass. [more]
Interviews and reports of the SCHOTT company. [more]
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