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SCHOTT Info 103
From “Micro” to “Nano”
The technological race in the field of microelectronics is continuing at an undiminished pace. SCHOTT LITHOTEC supplies materials for wafer steppers with which it is possible to produce still tinier chips. [more]

SCHOTT Info 101
Further Growth
In spite of the economic downturn in the semiconductor industry, SCHOTT LITHOTEC AG is continuing to make good progress in the development of its business in materials and components for lithography. [more]

SCHOTT Info 100
About Us
In Contact with Customers
100th issue of “SCHOTT info”: SCHOTT’s international customer magazine has been a platform for dialog between the technology company and its partners in the market for more than 25 years. [more]

With Mask Blanks into the Champions League
SCHOTT LITHOTEC has further extended its leading position as a supplier of key components for lithography with its Advanced Quality Line (AQL). [more]

SCHOTT Info 98
Shop Window Design
A Commercial on Glass
“Amiran” glass as a cinema “screen” – one of the first applications of this type in Europe can be seen in a pilot store belonging to Ericsson in Berne, Switzerland. [more]

Precise Testing Bodies
In order to ensure that the dimensions of components are accurate to within a few micrometers, stationary coordinate measuring devices or mobile laser trackers are used. The measurement accuracy of these devices, however, must also be regularly monitored within the framework established by the ISO 9000 – using calibrating standards made of “ZERODUR®.” [more]

SCHOTT Info 97
Website Relaunch
Discovery per Mouse Click
Since December 2000, SCHOTT‘s redesigned website can be accessed at www.schott.com. [more]

SCHOTT Info 97
Special glass mini-tubes
A Revolution in weaving
The Swiss textile machinery manufacturer Sulzer Textil has achieved a quantum leap in weaving technology with a new multi-phase weaving machine for standard fabrics. High precision “Duran” glass mini-tubes ensure problem-free processing of the weft yarn. [more]

SCHOTT Info 94
New Optical Materials
As valuable as Gold
SCHOTT ML has opened a calcium fluoride crystal factory with the world’s largest production capacity. [more]