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Short Reports
Good News for Tea Drinkers
With the Globo teapot produced by “Jenaer Glas,” freshly brewed tea is finished in no time at all.

Stylish and Practical
Tasty meals with the baking and serving dish from “Jenaer Glas”.

For hot and cold
“Jenaer Glas” has added three new colors to its range of wide-bodied jugs with plastic handles and lids.

Löffelhardt design teapot
New teapot in the “Jenaer Glas” collection 2001.

“Senso” combines glass and wood
Simple but interesting design: teapot Senso

SCHOTT Info 95
From Obsidian to Laser glass
How long has glass existed? The answer to this and many other intriguing questions about this universal material can be found at the SCHOTT GLASMuseum in Jena, which opened its doors on September 1, 2000. [more]