All reports about CERAN®

SCHOTT Info 106
Electronic touch technology
Convenient Cookers
Combined with intelligent control systems and “Ceran” cooktop panels, electronic touch technology offers greater convenience in high-quality cookers in North America. This system is now going to be introduced to the next targeted market: Europe. [more]

SCHOTT Info 105
Glass ceramic cooktop panels
Shorter Cooking Times
A new generation of glass ceramic cooktop panels will make fast cooking even faster. The cooktops cuts boil-up times and set new standards in terms of environmentally friendly application. [more]

SCHOTT Info 104
Home Appliance Industry
An Innovation Partner
SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation, a joint venture company in which SCHOTT has a majority interest, is a leading supplier and R & D partner to the North American home appliance industry. [more]

SCHOTT Info 103
Gas Stoves
A Productive Partnership
The close relations between Rinnai, the Japanese manufacturer of household appliances, and SCHOTT have thrived for more than 25 years. “Ceran” glass ceramic cooktops produced by SCHOTT are used in Rinnai’s gas stoves. The two companies intend to step up their joint activities – especially in Asia. [more]

SCHOTT Info 101
Where Life Revolves Around Mealtime
SCHOTT has opened its first production facilities in China. With investments of some 11 million euros, the company has opened a plant for the processing of “Ceran” glass-ceramic cooktop panels and “SCHOTT” flat glass near Shanghai. [more]

The 50 millionth “Ceran” cooktop panel
A Truly Hot Item
At a special event held in Mainz, SCHOTT GLAS celebrated the production of the 50 millionth “Ceran” cooktop panel. [more]

SCHOTT Info 98
Household Appliance Industry
Good Ideas Implemented Quickly
BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH supply high-quality cookers (stoves) all around the world. Through intensive cooperation with SCHOTT regarding “Ceran” and processed flat glass, an impressive potential for innovation has opened up. [more]

SCHOTT Info 97
All in White
With the introduction of “Ceran Arcticfire”, the white glass ceramic cooktop panel, SCHOTT continues with its series of contemporary innovations for household appliances. [more]

SCHOTT Info 96
Successful Integration
SCHOTT’s commitment to Jena is a success story. Today SJG manufactures competitive products and is fully integrated into the group. [more]

SCHOTT Info 95
From Obsidian to Laser glass
How long has glass existed? The answer to this and many other intriguing questions about this universal material can be found at the SCHOTT GLASMuseum in Jena, which opened its doors on September 1, 2000. [more]

The World on Foot
For five months, visitors from around the world could tour the world on foot at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover where SCHOTT was a member of the Food Pavilion. [more]

SCHOTT Info 94
Fine Cooking
In the Berlin Reichstag, the chefs cook on “Ceran” glass ceramic cooktops. [more]