Filters, Diffusers and Spot Lenses

Filters and Adapters

Dichroic filters will not darken or alter spectral response over time, regardless of light intensity or duration. Dichroic color filters reflect heat versus absorbing it, eliminating the need for a thermal expansion split.
Daylight filter increases existing color temperature to approximately 3000 K when used with EKE, EJA, and DDL lamps at their rated voltages.
Clear anodized aluminum housing is used on the filters, black anodized aluminum housing is used on the adapter
Color filter, A08070
Color filter, A08070
Filters are available in red, green, blue, yellow, and daylight. See table below for detailed information
Color Filter Adapter, A08931
Color Filter Adapter, A08931
Color Filter Adapter, A08931 fits SCHOTT Color Filters (see table below for detailed information)
Part No.
A08070 Blue
A08071 Green
A08072 Yellow
A08073 Red
A08074 Daylight
A08075 UV Filter, Cut-off
A08931 Color Filter Adapter


Diffusers fit on all ColdVision standard inputs
Input Lens Diffuser, A08086
Input Lens Diffuser, A08086
Input lens diffuser, A08086, homogenizes beams with minimal light loss and minimizes black hole phenomenon from fiber bundles
Input Lens Diffuser, A08087
Input Lens Diffuser (opal), A08087
Opal diffuser option, A08087, creates the most uniform light - almost flat illumination, but reduces output by 40%

Spot Lenses

Used on distal ends of goosenecks and bundles to focus the light.
Spot Lens, A08080
Spot Lens, A08080
Spot lens, A08080 for standard bundles except A08051.40 & A08051.60
Spot Lens, A08082
SpotLens, A08082
Small spot lens, A08082 for standard bundles except A08051.40 & A08051.60.
Spot Lens, A08084
Spot Lens, A08084
Spot lens, A08084 for models A08051.40 & A08051.60

Polarizing Cap for A08080

Polarizng Cap, A08090
Polarizing Cap, A08090
Polarizing Cap, A08090 for A08080 (fits on A08575