For accurate positioning in both industrial and laboratory environments.
A08508 Clamp, Ringlight Accessory
A08508 Clamp
Gooseneck and bundle support, A08522, clamp
A08522 Clamp
A08505, Articulated Arm, gooseneck and Bundle support
A08505 Articulated Arm
A08506, Articulated Arm, gooseneck and bundle support apparatus
A08506 Articulated Arm
V-Clamp, A08591,
A08591 V-Clamp
A08590, spring Clamp, Clamp, Ringlight Accessory
A08590 Spring Clamp
A08507, Base, Ringlight Accessory
A08507 Base
Ringlight Clamp, A08614
A08614 Ringlight Clamp
Universal Post Clamps
Support Apparatus
Support Apparatus