Bundle Extender
Bundle Extenders are used to extend the working length of standard fiber optic components using a SCHOTT bundle and these couplers.

Product and Performance Characteristics for Bundle Extenders
  • Reduces the requirement for custom fiber optic lengths, can provide the user with additional work space
  • Extends length of all standard SCHOTT ringlights, bundles, goosenecks, lightlines, and backlights* that have a .310” (8) or .510” (13) active fiber diameter (see chart)
  • Black anodized aluminum with nylon tipped set screws

Using a bundle extender results in a 30-40% light loss. If your application requires maximum intensity, we recommend ordering a modified standard component.

Backlight adapter, part number A08931 is required in order for the bundle extender to be used with SCHOTT standard backlights