Fiber Optic Sensor Components

Our technological expertise is demonstrated by a broad range of solutions, including fiber optics sensor components and LED technology. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging confidentially collaborates with our customers to develop fiber optic components for a wide variety of applications. 

Our engineering department is available for the production of test samples and prototypes. Cost-effective small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale production is available at our facilities. In order to benefit from our in-house experience, we recommend you consult with us before starting your own development and design. Our flexible approach enables us to meet your requirements and provide you with a technically and economically optimized solution.

Our specialists are here to assist you. We work together with you on the design of your fiber optic components. Starting from the basic technical conditions provided by you, we draw up an action plan addressing each stage leading to series production. During this process, we will assist you through the sample and prototype phases to ensure that everything is ready for a seamless transition into series production.