Microchips are built up layer by layer, and easily can have 20 or more individual layers. The ability of the Microlithography system to print these layers accurately on top of each other influences the overall yield of the system. A lot of different sensors are installed inside a Microlithography stepper to control the alignment of wafer to the optical path fast and reliable. Complex light guides are used for this purpose to transport monochromatic laser light to markers on the wafers. The diffracted light is then detected and transported with the help of other optical light guides to an analysis system, allowing a real time control of the manufacturing process.

Extreme ultraviolet technology (EUV) represents a groundbreaking technological change in microchip production. ASML, the leading manufacturer of photolithographic systems for the semiconductor industry, has begun serial production of its EUV wafer scanner family, the ”TWINSCAN NXE” series in 2016. SCHOTT has provided components and know-how. For more further explanation please read the Article "The Finest Photon Brush“.
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