VisiLED Darkfield Ringlights - for incident lighting

Darkfield Ringlights

S40-10D for an intensive illumination in the incident darkfield, enhancing contrasts of flat structured surfaces. It can be mounted on 58/66/70 mm objectives via an adapter ring or easily be combined with all brightfield ringlights using the brightfield-darkfield adapter kit.

Lightheads for darkfield illumination techniques

  • 1 Darkfield ringlight for real incident darkfield
  • 1 Transmitted light stage for transmitted darkfield


  • Easily adaptable to microscope objectives by means of thumb screw and adaptor rings
  • Homogenous illumination
  • Best white quality: typically 6,000 K
  • Long operating life: typically 50,000 h by actively controlling the LED chip temperature

Segments controllable in different preset modes for optimum contrasting:

Ringlight 1280