Shaped Fiber Rods

Lighting and Diagnoses - Light guides for handpieces and turbines

Ever been on vacation preparing for your flight home and there is just no more space in your suitcase left for your favorite souvenir? - Lack of space is a common problem to our customers – known OEMs for dental turbines and handpieces: Numerous media and elements like water, air and gear occupy the filigree turbine leaving only little space for the lighting of the device and the illumination of the workspace.

Our shaped fiber rod light guide solutions are customized and therefore perfectly fit your instrument. By a special production process our glass can be shaped in complex 2D and 3D geometry with very tight tolerances taking advantage of every little piece of space in your instrument.

glass features an enlarged acceptance angle and superior transmission allowing to collect the same amount of light in a smaller rod diameter. Thus, more room is left for other media or the footprint of the overall device can be shrank to a minimum. 
Due to the enhanced wavelength band, PURAVIS® is ready for fluorescence applications which may assist the dentist making better diagnoses in regards to remaining carious material or even detecting mouth cancer – dental illumination becomes SmartDentistry.

How much space is left in your device? Based on your individual need, together we will find the perfect lighting solution fitting your instrument - just like your favorite souvenir in your suitcase.
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