In surgical applications perfect illumination of the working area is extremely important. SCHOTT's new, lead-free PURAVIS® glass optical fibers deliver outstanding white light transmission and color rendering for ideal operating conditions. When used in laryngoscopes or surgical equipment to directly illuminate the operating field, it has proven to be an unbeatable tool for focusing light to exactly where it is needed.

In surgical microscopes, the glass fibers are configured to suit various light guide designs for specific devices in order to provide the highest possible mechanical protection and high flexibility.

Not only typical fiber optic products are used to help doctors feel more confident in the operating rooms. LED head lights are small, light weight, and energy saving. The surgeons rely on LED light sources with extremely high light intensity, like the FLM 4 (Fiber Optic Lighting Module) from SCHOTT, to illuminate small cavities.

This only shows how technology and medical expertise can join forces inside an operating room.