Lighting and Diagnoses - Light guides for handpieces and turbines

Our customized shaped fiber rod light guide solutions perfectly fit your instrument. By a special production process our glass can be shaped in complex 2D and 3D geometries with very tight tolerances taking advantage of every little piece of space in your instrument.

Curing and Therapy - Light guides for dental devices

With our fully autoclavable and chemically resistant light guides we help you to overcome the increasing challenges of the dental industry (e.g. compliance with standards of hygiene throughout the whole product life). Our high performance glass PURAVIS® enables shorter treatment time.

Digital X-ray - Fiber optic faceplates

SCHOTT not only enables excellent light but also images: Our fiber optic faceplates are an essential part of intraoral and panoramic x-ray systems where they protect the sensitive sensor from x-ray radiation and enhance significantly signal-to-noise ratio.