At SCHOTT we believe that human smiles are beautiful.

As a global market leader in dental instrument illumination, we enable our customers to design excellent devices by providing more than just brighter lighting. A need of dentists to present their patients with a healthy smile every day.

Precise illumination is the basis for efficient treatment and accuracy. Our customized fiber optic solutions illuminate ergonomical dental handpieces and turbines, allow for fast curing of photo-polymerizable filling materials and help to detect mouth cancer or caries by fluorescence light. Furthermore our light guides serve as magnifying applicators in phototherapeutic systems powered by diode lasers.

For over 130 years glass has been our passion that is not only reflected by our first class light guides. By offering outstanding special glass solutions we share this passion with our customers helping them to overcome the increasing challenges of the dental industry (e.g. compliance with standards of hygiene throughout the whole product life).

PURAVIS® is a glass innovation developped by SCHOTT offering unique advantages:
- Superior light performance
- Ready for fluorescence applications
- Increased chemical stability for longevity
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