Medical Applications

Light has signaling power: On the one hand, light guides patients through the halls and inside the rooms and serves as warning or safety signal for medical staff when used in devices. However, optical glass fibers are not only used for illumination, they can also transmit important bio signals.

Light makes diagnostics even more reliable: Brightness in itself does not guarantee an exact diagnosis. Different types of tissue structures can be detected and diagnosed accurately using special color rendering techniques and various wavelengths. Miniaturized image and light guides, as well as LED solutions, allow doctors to see around the corner and take a closer look into deep cavities. SCHOTT delivers light and resolution exactly where it is needed.

Light as an effective therapy: Therapy follows the diagnosis. Here, too, light guides us. For example, photo therapies for treating jaundice in newborn babies, as well as photodynamic or light therapies being used to treat depression and sleeping disorders provide us with only a brief overview of what can be achieved with light.

Our wide product portfolio comprises of areas such as EndoscopySingle-Use EndoscopyLaser Treatment, Robotic SurgeryDentistrySurgeryClinical DiagnosticsDigital X-Ray.