HelioJet® - nicemood

Suitable for almost any cabin

The system consists of four elements: Lufthansa Technik's cabin management system nice, SCHOTT's HelioJet® SpectrumCC (Color Control) and the system control interface, which can be either a VIP passenger's smart phone or a touchscreen control used by the cabin crew. The system offers unique versatility for both VIP and commercially operated aircraft.

HelioJet® Technology

Ultimate Cabin Illumination

HelioJet® Technology provides perfectly accurate colors and homogeneous light stability  over time in the entire aircraft.  Different than other LED lighting solutions HelioJet® Technology works with a sensor technique that controls each and every singe LED installed. Furthermore, an optical light converter mixes and emits the light evenly. No color shifts. No dots. No dead spots. HelioJet® Technology – Your ultimate cabin illumination.

HelioJet® SpectrumCC

Flying now on Airbus A330/340

The unique LED cabin lighting system HelioJet® SpectrumCC is in ‘full operation’ in the Airbus A330/ A340 series. The customer selected HelioJet® SpectrumCC for its homogeneous light quality as part of a comprehensive cabin modification program. The LED system offers the full RGBW (reed-green-blue-white) color spectrum and can be operated with Lufthansa Technik’s mood lighting system nice. HelioJet®
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