Cabin Illumination

Lighting in aircraft cabins is essential for the travel experience of passengers as well as for the individual branding of different airlines. SCHOTT is the only cabin lighting specialist that is able to realize a holistic approach that orchestrates different light elements into one cabin lighting scenario.

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting
We aim for an effective system for automated cabin lighting scenarios that will positively affect air travelers’ well-being on multi-timezone flights by reducing jetlag and headaches, and enabling higher concentration and energy levels. Together with Lufthansa Technik, jetlite and Etihad Engineering, we signed a ceremonial letter at Dubai Air Show 2019 expressing co-operation in further exploring and promoting a new Human Centric Lighting technology.

 Infosheet: Human Centric Lighting

Holistic Cabin Lighting

Our LED cabin lighting system HelioJet® Spectrum is designed according to DO-160 qualification.
Suitable for all major platforms:
Airbus: A320 Family, A330/340, A350, A380
Boeing: B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, B787
All major business jet manufacturers 

Different Lights. One Look.

Our products offer unique possibilities due to the combination of fiber optic and LED technology.

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