Heinrich J. Klein Foundation

The Heinrich J. Klein Foundation was founded in 1993 by Dr. Heinrich J. Klein and his wife Dr. Liesel Klein and was provided with considerable funds from their private resources. Dr. Klein, who had been the first chairman of the SCHOTT management board until 1988, considered “internationalization” as the center of his interest and his actions. His own positive experiences in connection with his studies in the U.S. shortly after World War II raised his wish to support young people to obtain further qualification while staying in foreign countries and intensify the international exchange. Since 1993 the activities of the foundation have been managed by Corporate Human Ressources of the SCHOTT AG. The annual selection of the scholarship candidates is carried through by a board of trustees, which consists of members of the SCHOTT management board and the head of the work council.
The next application period for the Heinrich J. Klein scholarship starts January 2019.
Heinrich J. Klein Foundation
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