SCHOTT at EuroShop 2020: better orientation and visibility
Integrated displays and lighting elements, uniform design for chilled and frozen food sections さらなる情報
SCHOTT enters the Indian mobile market by supplying vivo’s premium phones with Xensation® high performance cover glass
The international technology group SCHOTT is entering the Indian mobile space through vivo’s smartphone range of vivo V17 Pro and vivo Z1X. With this, the Indian consumer will get introduced to the 130-year old German company’s premium cover glass Xensation® Up. さらなる情報
SCHOTT Honored as “Best Partner” by Leading Chinese Chip Manufacturer Phograin
Phograin honored strategic partners during Global Partner Event at CIOE trade show

SCHOTT was one of the few overseas companies to receive this distinguished award

SCHOTT intends to strengthen its partnership with Phograin and support their optical components used in 5G telecommunication with high-speed TO packaging products
SCHOTT helps seriously ill children
The leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics, traditionally combines the participation in the customer survey with a donation for a good cause. This year a 5,000 Euro donation benefited the organization Make-A-Wish. さらなる情報
Ready for “new space”
Special bonding technology by SCHOTT Primoceler provides increased reliability for VCSELs in aerospace applications さらなる情報
SCHOTT ROBAX® moves into the future by presenting many innovations at Expobiomasa
“SCHOTT ROBAX® IN FRONT – THE NEWS” – Under this headline, SCHOTT ROBAX® is inviting visitors to take a look into the future at the Expobiomasa trade fair in Valladolid from September 24 – 26, 2019 (Hall 4/Booth 465). The premium brand will captivate visitors with hot news about its glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels. For instance, the ROBAX® IR Max coating can now be combined with all decorative colors the brand has to offer. The interior paneling ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions allows manufacturers of gas fireplaces to create completely new designs and flame effects. さらなる情報
SCHOTT drives autonomous mobility forward
Glass solutions play a key role in improving LiDAR sensors in self-driving cars

When it comes to autonomous driving, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technologies are the foundation upon which a next-generation machine vision can be built. LiDAR sensors, together with radar and cameras, will be linked by artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the highest level of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS 5) and allow for full automation of all driving functions. However, none of the existing LiDAR technologies on the market today meet the performance and reliability requirements to support fully autonomous driving at a competitive price level. SCHOTT is prepared to propel autonomous driving into the future with the broadest range of high-quality glass components and hermetic packaging available to LiDAR manufacturers and suppliers at scale.
Innovative look with stainless steel effect on glass
At IFA in Berlin, the world’s leading appliance maker Haier presents new design line of kitchen appliances with SCHOTT MetalLook

The kitchen appliances found in Haier’s new product range combine style and innovative design. Their surfaces shimmer with a stylish stainless steel look which was developed from a pure glass solution without use of metal parts. SCHOTT MetalLook makes it all possible: The unique technology, developed by SCHOTT technology group, perfectly integrates the advantages of the material glass with the high-quality look of stainless steel. Haier, one of the world's leading manufacturers for home appliances, is revealing these products in a distinctive family design at the global trade show IFA, September 6 – 11 in Berlin.
Cooking in a new light: Award-winning CERAN EXCITE® enhances customer experience
As the newest edition to SCHOTT’s broad product portfolio for the cooking sector, the lighting innovation CERAN EXCITE® enables household appliance manufacturers to realize endless design variations and improvements to form and function, making cooking smarter and more intuitive than before. At the upcoming IFA, consumers can now discover the solution at the Siemens iQ700 activeLight cooktop. さらなる情報
SCHOTT builds state-of-the-art plant for high-quality pharmaceutical glass tubing in China
The international technology group SCHOTT held a goundbreaking ceremony for its greenfield pharmaceutical glass tubing plant in Jinyun, Zhejiang.

The capacity expansion comes at a time when China is aspiring to become an innovative global powerhouse. Particularly the pharmaceutical sector plays a key role within China’s innovation roadmap, which is moving from manufacturing generics to new drug development. This shift is further underlined by the “Healthy China 2030” initiative. Subsequently, there is a high demand for premium pharmaceutical packaging made out of Type I pharmaceutical glass in the local market. The demand for high quality drug packaging products is further underlined through government initiatives and ever-growing patient safety standards. The new plant will enable SCHOTT to participate in the advancement of the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging industry. SCHOTT will invest 60 million Euros in the first phase to install a yearly capacity of up to 20.000 tons. The production is scheduled to start at the end of 2020.
300-mm SCHOTT RealView™ high-index glass wafers with nanoimprints: SCHOTT and EV Group pave the way for Consumer grade AR/MR glasses
SCHOTT will exhibit the next landmark on the road to consumer grade AR/MR glasses in Hall 9 / Booth # 9E20 at China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), Shenzhen/China, from September 4-7. さらなる情報
Static ceramic converters enable superior luminance - A new product line from SCHOTT can accelerate the breakthrough of new compact laser light applications
The lighting solutions market seek laser technologies for their superior performance in a smaller package, and manufacturers demand sophisticated materials to optimize performance and reliability. For laser-pumped phosphor light sources, SCHOTT experts have developed special phosphor ceramic converter components, which power high irradiance and superior luminance. The international technology group SCHOTT will launch its new static ceramic converters product line at the CIOE 2019 in Shenzen, China (September 4 – 7, 2019). Integrated on a heat spreader, they enable innovative, compact light sources without moving parts. さらなる情報
Pre-scored chip substrates provide new options for manufacturers of innovative diagnostic consumables
SCHOTT NEXTERION® PreScora will be featured at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry’s annual scientific meeting and clinical lab expo in Anaheim, Ca., August 4 to 8.

Biotech companies have made remarkable strides developing lab-on-a-chip (LoaC) technology — ever smaller chips that integrate laboratory functions for rapid diagnostic testing. Performing the precise manufacturing steps that these remarkable diagnostic consumables require, such as the application of coating or the printing of barcodes, is getting more difficult and expensive as miniaturization progresses. SCHOTT now eases these challenges by offering NEXTERION® PreScora. These pre-scored substrates can undergo processing steps as a whole and easily be fashioned to their final size afterwards. This lowers production cost significantly while enabling diagnostic consumable and equipment manufacturers to leverage the performance advantages of a high quality glass chip.
ショット、拡張現実および複合現実向け高屈折率ガラスウエハー SCHOTT RealView™の次世代モデルを発売開始
ドイツの特殊ガラスメーカー、ショット(SCHOTT AG、 本社:ドイツ・マインツ市、取締役会会長:Dr. フランク・ハインリヒト)は、拡張現実(AR)や複合現実(MR)技術を搭載したスマート・グラス向け高品質光学ガラスウエハー「SCHOTT RealView(ショット リアルビュー)™」の次世代モデルのサンプルを2019年5月27日より日本で販売いたします。現在市場で販売されている最先端スマート・グラスの視野角は約40度ですが、ショットが新しく開発したSCHOTT RealView™次世代モデルは最大65度の視野角および屈折率1.9を実現し、より深い没入体験の提供を可能にします。ショットは、今回の新製品の導入によって、日本においてもARおよびVR市場の開拓をさらに進めてまいります。 さらなる情報

ドイツの特殊ガラスメーカー、ショット(SCHOTT AG、 本社:ドイツ・マインツ市、取締役会会長:Dr. フランク・ハインリヒト)は、2019年4月24日(水)から26日(金)までパシフィコ横浜で開催される光技術総合展示会OPIE’19の宇宙・天文光学EXPOに出展します(ブース番号: C-26)。今回の出展では主に超低膨張ガラスセラミックZERODUR®(ゼロデュア)を紹介します。ZERODUR®は極めて低い熱膨張係数(CTE)を実現した製品で、温度変化による膨張は、ほぼ起こりません。この優れた特性によって最高の精度が保証される点が評価され、現在チリのセロ・アマソネス山に建設中の超大型望遠鏡(Extremely Large Telescope、以下「ELT」)の反射鏡基板にも採用されています。ブースでは、ZERODUR®に加え、天文光学機器向けの光学フィルター、光学ガラス、超薄板ガラス、孔開け加工薄板ガラス「FLEXINITY(フレキシニティ)TM」などの製品も紹介します。ショットは本展示会にて宇宙用途向けのさまざまなガラス製品群を紹介することによって、宇宙・天文分野における幅広い用途開拓を目指します。
ショットのCERAN EXCITE®が「iFゴールドアワード2019」を受賞
ドイツの特殊ガラスメーカー、ショット(SCHOTT AG、 本社:ドイツ・マインツ市、取締役会会長:Dr. フランク・ハインリヒト)は、国際的に最も権威のあるデザイン賞のひとつである「iFデザインアワード2019」において最優秀賞「iFゴールドアワード」を受賞しました。製品部門の「キッチン」カテゴリーでゴールドアワードを受賞したガラスセラミック製クックトップパネル用のライティングイノベーション「CERAN EXCITE®」は、優れたデザインやサービスの証であるiFデザイン賞の認定を受けました。CERAN EXCITE®には、特殊な素材とコーティングが使用されており、クックトップパネルの下に搭載されているLED光源を非常に明るく、くっきりと透過することが可能です。CERAN EXCITE®を使用することで、家電メーカーは、よりスマートに、かつ直感的に調理するための形状や機能の改善が可能になり、デザインにさまざまな可能性が開けます。 さらなる情報
ショット、2017/2018年度年次決算を発表: 売上成長率6.3%を記録、当期も成長路線を堅持
- 為替の影響調整後の連結売上高は、前年度比6.3%増を達成
- 連結当期純利益は過去最高の2億800万ユーロを記録
- 積極的な投資により、持続的に成長
ショット、国際粉体工業展東京 2018 (POWTEX TOKYO 2018)に出展
~高い耐摩耗性をもつ空気圧式搬送配管システム向けガラス管を展示~ さらなる情報
~二重封止構造の安全性を小型で実現、小規模LNGに新たな応用の可能性を提供~ さらなる情報
見本市 & イベント
展示会 The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2019-10-22 - 10-23
展示会 第42回日本分子生物学会年会, 福岡国際会議場・マインメッセ福岡、日本、2019-12-03 – 12-06, 日本国, 2019-12-03 - 12-06
展示会 LED Japan, Tokyo, 日本国, 2020-01-29 - 01-31