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How the bathroom is being transformed
into an integrated space of comfort.

New home comfort: Transforming the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment – and for discovering new technology – is the promise with the integrated operation in the glass panel behind the toilet. Photo: TECE

How the bathroom is being transformed
into an integrated space of comfort.

Now even the bathroom is becoming ‘smart’ – from sinks to showers and toilets. Setting the water temperature with a touchpad, controlling the amount of water discharged with a smartphone app and an Internet-ready television – the functional bathroom is being transformed into an oasis of comfort where people will spend more time in the future. In fact, that future has already begun. Freestanding bathtubs are integrated into living spaces and shower facilities merge into an area of the home with more attention focused on it. The almost limitless possibilities of glass have long since made it a favorite material of designers. Today, control panels for toilet flushers or shower panels already use the practically limitless properties of glass in their functions.

Since glass makes the integration of electrical elements and lighting components simple, not to mention the fact that it is available in almost every color tone, it increasingly adds a level of sophistication to the functional elements of a bathroom. Perfect. Because ‘smart’ can also be used to mean ‘chic’.

For the glass of a rain shower’s spray disc, SCHOTT uses laser technology to drill precise holes as an outlet for silicone nozzles. Photo: Hansgrohe

March 21th, 2017


Irene Schwarz
Flat Glass

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