Glass is often perceived as a rigid material that breaks quickly. With ultra-thin glass that is both bendable and flexible, SCHOTT proves that this assumption is no longer valid.

Flexible, bendable glass is reality — and more flexible than the limits of your imagination. With thicknesses well below 100 micrometers, SCHOTT is creating a new generation of ultra-thin glasses that are ideally suited for integration into flexible displays thanks to their ability to be chemically toughened. In this way, SCHOTT is paving the way for unprecedented device designs – be it a foldable smartphone, laptop, tablet or a completely new product group: ultra-thin glass is what makes innovations in the area of consumer electronics possible in the first place.

The smallest bending radii that make ultra-thin glass beyond the 50-micrometer mark possible are particularly breathtaking. For example, the embedded video shows a flexible SCHOTT glass of the latest generation that is bent to a bending radius far below 2.5 millimeters.

We are certain that there is even more to it. Not least thanks to the glass-making heroes at SCHOTT who reinvent our beloved material glass every day. Building on a company history of over 135 years, which is still part of our DNA today.

February 26, 2020


Michael Matthias Müller
Marketing & Communication