The importance of COVID-19 diagnostics

Antibody testing is used to analyze a person’s blood for antibodies to a virus to confirm if a person was ever infected. This gives insights on the number of infected cases and the number of recovered cases with new immunity.

People who have recently developed immunity and show specific antibody levels could care for patients or donate plasma for potential treatments.

These tests can be performed on glass substrates, which come with functional coatings that adhere antibodies to exact positions for testing procedures.

By supplying coated substrates known under the brand name NEXTERION® in high quantities to manufacturers of these tests, SCHOTT is supporting COVID-19 diagnostics.

“A precise and reliable diagnosis is key to making the right decisions.“
Marcel Fischer, Head of Sales NEXTERION® product group

Marcel Fischer, Head of Sales NEXTERION® product group at SCHOTT

April 8th, 2020


Joana Kornblum
Marketing and Communication