Tailored for high-sensitivity drugs

Biotech drugs can save lives. Yet due to their complex molecule structure, they are prone to interactions with the container. They therefore require an innovative packaging solution that ensures that the formulation remains stable during its shelf life. One such solution is SCHOTT’s new syriQ BioPure® syringe. In an interview with Anil Kumar Busimi, we find out more about the containers.

Can you briefly introduce syriQ BioPure® syringes?

Our syriQ BioPure® prefillable glass syringes were specifically designed to keep sensitive drugs stable over shelf life and ease administration for the patient. The syringes are available in over 48 pre-validated configurations with top-class elastomer components. As part of the company’s iQ™ platform, syriQ BioPure® are delivered pre-sterilized in a standardized nest and tub. This means that they can be filled on a variety of standard ready-to-use filling lines and are easy to handle.

What are the key benefits?

There are several benefits. One of them is that our new prefillable syringes are designed to ensure drug stability. Hence, syriQ BioPure® syringes are manufactured under improved processes to lower tungsten and adhesive residuals and to ensure a uniform silicone layer – all validated and documented according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration latest guidelines. The syringes are made of highly inert FIOLAX® borosilicate glass, the gold standard for packaging complex drug products. Thanks to its strong track record, the suitability of this glass type for sensitive drugs is well researched. And we can supply samples very quickly within three months to shorten time to market, which is very important in this business.

And how do patients benefit?

Another main focus of our new syriQ BioPure® syringes is that the administration process is simplified for the patient as sensitive and complex drugs are often highly viscous and therefore more difficult to administer. This is achieved through offering syringes that work with leading safety and autoinjector devices, meeting market demand for products that can be administered at home for patient comfort. Seamless integration into these devices is reached thanks to the syringe’s high dimensional accuracy. This include glass tubing inspected with SCHOTT’s big data perfeXion® process, additional dimensions beyond ISO requirement and new geometrical tolerances achieved by our cutting edge forming technology and online inspection systems. Moreover, a uniform silicone layer ensures the full injection of the drug and a smooth gliding performance, making the administration process more comfortable for the patient.

Anil Kumar Busimi is Senior Global Product Manager for the SCHOTT iQ® platform at SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems.

January 30, 2019


Anil Kumar Busimi
Pharmaceutical Systems