Pleases the eye. Brightens the night.

For many people a pellet stove is a popular alternative to wood fireplaces – mainly because it is practical for heating the living space and easy to use. In terms of ambience however, there is some room to catch up with the classic.


Fierce flames

Especially the bright and fast moving flames in a pellet stove are somewhat different from the romantic flames in a wood fire. And when the stove is not in use, a transparent panel provides an open view on the used and often uncleaned burning chamber.


The NightView effect

The tinted glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView allows a completely new and highly pleasant pellet fire experience. How? When heating, the translucent black glass-ceramic creates novel visual effects: the flames seem calmer and have a naturally warm color.

At the same time, when the fireplace is not in use, the tinted fire-viewing panel conceals the combustion chamber, and the dark, gleaming facade blends in to any room.

Eye-catcher for interior design

What could be better than snuggling up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter day and enjoying the flaming beauty of the fire? With the tinted glass-ceramic fire-viewing panel, pellet stoves are also an elegant design element for homes year round. Whether kitchen or living room – the large portfolio of glass-ceramic formats allows completely new design options that suit every interior.

Manufacturer’s dream

For stove manufacturers, ROBAX® NightView means opportunities for differentiation, easy installation and possible cost savings. The material can replace double-glazing that usually consists of a glass-ceramic fire-viewing panel and a tinted front panel. The four-millimeter, or 0.16 inches, thick panel also unveils new options in design and construction as it is easily installed into pellet stoves of different sizes and shapes.

Award-winning concept

Italian manufacturer La Nordica-Extraflame uses SCHOTT‘s latest glass-ceramic innovation already in two of its pellet stoves, named AMIKA and DEBBY. These concepts proof: the new pellet fire concept makes the classic fireplace more than just competition.

The successful fusion of calmer, more pleasant flames and a dark, shiny surface has led to an excellent result, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. So much that this project has won the German Design Award 2021 in the Excellent Product Design category.

The jury says: „The attractive pellet stove has a special viewing window that, with its translucent black glass-ceramics, holds out the promise of improved aesthetics for the image of the flame and makes the stove opaque when not in operation.“


„We developed the ROBAX® NightView glass-ceramic to address two objectives: Improve the emotional quality of the fire for the users and simplify the construction for the manufacturers.“Birgit Eickeler, Product Manager SCHOTT ROBAX®

„Innovation and design often arise from sharing of fruitful ideas and know-how. When two leading companies cooperate together, the result can only be a success and the perfect combination between our stoves and the glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView is just another proof of that.“Gianni Ragusa, Managing Director La Nordica-Extraflame


Design without borders

Now that pellet stoves hit the fast track thanks to the translucent black glass-ceramic panel ROBAX® NightView – what will be the next step of wood fireplace designs?

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Isabel Breit
Head of Marketing SCHOTT ROBAX®
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