Manufacturing Change

The trend towards biotech drugs and personalized medication forces pharma companies to design their production processes even more flexibly. We caught up with Gregor Deutschle, Business Development Manager for SCHOTT’s Ready-to-use platform adaptiQ®, to discuss this trend.

What are todays key challenges of manufacturing biotech drugs?

As the industry is moving towards smaller batch sizes, pharma companies require an option for filling several types of packaging on the same line without long set-up times in between. That’s where ready-to-use solutions can help.

Could you give an example?

Let’s say, a pharma company wants to fill product A, B, and C in different containers on the same line, and changing the setup in between would take about a day. It would fill each product for two weeks, and including the two changeover days it would take 30 days until product A could be manufactured again. Within those 30 days, however, the market demand might change.

If all container formats are processed in the same standardized nest, we can bring changeover time down to several hours. And if necessary, the pharma company would be able to manufacture A, B, and C on the same day. As batch sizes continue to decrease and drug treatment targets ever smaller patient populations, such flexibility will be decisive.

What does SCHOTT’s timeline for ready-to-use solutions look like?

Since we have introduced our adaptiQ® concept to the market it generated great interest within the industry. As of today, 2R to 30R ISO vial formats are available for use on more than 30 different machine types.

Gregor Deutschle, Business Development Manager, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems
Ready-to-use packaging allows for more flexibility in pharmaceutical production.

February 22th, 2017


Gregor Deutschle
SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems