Cozy up. Clean less. Chill more.

No matter how strenuous a day may be, when you arrive home in front of the fireplace you will find peace and relaxation. And the worries of the day are quickly forgotten. Only the thought of cleaning can spoil the mood of the fireplace owner. How can an invisible solution solve this problem?


The IR SuperMax principle

Soot soiling on the fire-viewing panel occurs with nearly every combustion. The hotter and more efficient the combustion process, the less soot is deposited. This is exactly where the new ROBAX® IR SuperMax technology comes in. While the coated glass-ceramic ROBAX® IR Max achieves up to seven times bigger reflection of heat radiation than an uncoated fire-viewing panel, ROBAX® IR SuperMax expands the ‘Smart Heat’ portfolio with up to 16 times bigger heat reflection. This ensures higher temperatures in the combustion chamber and a more efficient combustion process.

An uncoated ROBAX®
fire-viewing panel reflects
very little heat radiation back into the
combustion chamber.
reflects up to 7x more­ heat radiation back into the
combustion chamber than an uncoated ROBAX®
ROBAX® IR SuperMax reflects up to 16x more
heat radiation back into the combustion chamber than an uncoated
ROBAX® panel.

Simply sustainable

The easy handling of the fireplace is the be-all and end-all for most owners. Especially because heating with wood as a renewable resource is increasingly becoming the focus for sustainable living. ROBAX® IR SuperMax also has a positive effect on this. Because, in addition to easy cleaning, the increased reflection power of the coated glass-ceramic also counteracts overheating of the living space. This phenomenon is particularly well-known in well-insulated low-energy and passive houses. At the same time, the more efficient combustion process can also significantly reduce emissions.

Coating with a plus

Less cleaning
Constant performance of the coating
Reduction of emissions
No overheating
Limitation of effects of user mistakes
More efficient burning process


Less is more

Stephanie Schwarz, Head of Marketing and Sales SCHOTT ROBAX®, about:



Maximum design flexibility

The special features of coated glass-ceramic allow more freedom of design. Fireplace manufacturers can create sustainable fireplaces with even larger viewing windows. And since no big distance to walls or furniture is necessary anymore, owners can make their fireplace the center of their living space.

Let us bring together practical design and sustainability.

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Isabel Breit
Head of Marketing SCHOTT ROBAX®
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