Cosy warmth. No extreme heat.

Few places are better than a relaxing spot in front of a fireplace. Entertain friends and family or read a book from a cosy spot with a clear view of dancing flames. Until the fire gets too hot. It’s something many fireplace owners know all too well, especially those living in low-energy and passive houses, which have high thermal insulation. How could the heat radiating into the living space be controlled with an invisible solution?


The IR Max principle

More heat contained in a closed combustion chamber means feeling even more comfortable when you spend time near a fireplace that’s in use. SCHOTT ROBAX® has developed an innovative new coating for fire viewing panels made of glass-ceramic. The new ROBAX® IR Max technology achieves a reflection of the heat radiation seven times greater than with an uncoated fireplace viewing panel.

An uncoated ROBAX®
fire viewing panel reflects
very little heat radiation back into the
combustion chamber.
ROBAX® Energy Plus
reflects much more heat­ radiation back into the
combustion chamber than an uncoated ROBAX®
ROBAX® IR Max reflects
even more heat radiation back into the­ combustion chamber than ROBAX®
Energy Plus.

A well-tempered fireplace

Because we spend well over half of our lives in closed living spaces, we owe it to ourselves to design them so that we are as comfortable as possible whenever possible. A flexible interior design is thus achieved in the next step: The fireplace can now be positioned wherever it best fits into the overall design of the room – whether it is next to the sofa or the piano – the choice is yours!

Coating with a plus

Constant performance of the coating
Less cleaning
Higher combustion temperatures can contribute to the reduction of emissions


Stefan Hergott, Director Marketing & Sales SCHOTT ROBAX®, about combining the best of two worlds.


Maximum design flexibility

Fireplace manufacturers can now concentrate entirely on the designs of their products and spend less time worrying about the temperatures they generate. Thus, in the future the application of the IR Max coating will help in the creation of new fire viewing panels.

Let’s work together to combine well being with interior design.

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Isabel Eymael

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