Electromobility takes off

Marvin Eichsteller, co-founder of “eMOBILITÄT – der Blog” and LinkedIn Top Voice 2017, on tomorrow’s mobile life.

What are the challenges facing mobility?

Environmental pollution, traffic congestion, noise and dirt are the factors that pose problems for today’s mobility and that will require solutions from the mobility of the future. The trend towards car sharing, electrification, autonomous driving and networking is already pointing to possible solutions today.

You are talking about the “true” beginning of the electric car age. Why?

I have the feeling that electric mobility has arrived in the middle of society. Electric vehicles offer ever more suitable ranges for everyday use and the charging infrastructure is being expanded. Thanks to the disruptor Tesla, all major manufacturers have understood e-mobility as an opportunity and many models with an acceptable range will come onto the market at a reasonable price. The new registrations that are constantly increasing are also a sign of the growing interest.

What is your personal opinion of mobility?

The trend from individual mobility to shared use is becoming apparent. In an urban environment, it makes sense not to afford your own status symbol and rely on car sharing instead, as the annoying search for a parking space, high costs and networking possibilities make your own car a burden. This doesn’t yet apply to rural areas; longer commuting distances are difficult to manage with sharing options.

Can you imagine driving without a driver two decades from now?

I can imagine a mix of possibilities. I like to drive a car. However, there are also days when, after eventful office hours, I would like to get into a car that drives me home on its own. In everyday traffic, I see great potential to reduce the number of accidents through automation and advanced assistance systems and to let the number one cause of accidents, the human being, recede into the background.

What is your appeal to material manufacturers and suppliers to further promote electric mobility and autonomous driving?

E-mobility will renew the transport sector. We haven’t yet reached the point of grasping electric mobility and its opportunities 100 percent. Lithium-ion batteries are only regarded as a bridge technology. Material manufacturers and suppliers must use their wealth of experience to seize the opportunity to contribute to truly long-term solutions, such as solid batteries, and thus play an active role in shaping change.

What contribution can each individual make to ecologically meaningful mobility?

Ride to work by bicycle or use ride-share opportunities. Digitalization makes it easier for us to access it and makes sharing what it is today. You leave your car parked and choose other modes of transportation. No one has to completely change their behavior immediately, but small steps in the right direction are a start.

Portrait of the interviewee Marvin Eichsteller.

Marvin Eichsteller (25) studied media management at the Stuttgart Media University and is co-founder of emobilitaetblog.de. He has been studying besides his job to obtain a Master’s degree in Corporate Management (M.A.) since 2018, and, as an IT sub-lead, he is responsible for the Customer Service area during the introduction of new applications for ALDI SÜD.

Electric car charging area background at Georgia, USA.
The mobility of tomorrow requires ecologically viable approaches.

December 11th, 2019


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