Shining a new light on cooking

Cooking is no longer just a means to an end and the kitchen becomes the epicenter of life. You meet up, you exchange ideas and thoughts. It is, after all, where you live.


Cooking gets smarter

The perfect kitchen must be able to flexibly adapt to a wide variety of living situations. It must function as an open solution as well as in the smallest of spaces. And it must always combine design and technology. With CERAN EXCITE®, SCHOTT brings innovative lighting solutions into your home that make cooking more intuitive, more intelligent and safer. Oh, and last, but not least: much more beautiful!

Individual stages of the cooktop panel can be activated simply by touching them.

Cooking must be

for an emotional and visual cooking experience.

Cooking surfaces must be

for innovative functions such as the smart phone in the kitchen.

Cooking must combine
exclusivity and design

for high-end devices that surpass every optical requirement.

Cooking must be

free choice of spaces for every pot and pan.

Cooking must be

so that everyone knows when and where the cooktop panel is hot.

Cooking made simpler, faster

for the intuitive operation of the cooktop panel.


A more interactive experience

CERAN EXCITE® brings innovative lighting solutions to kitchens all over the world. Light has always guided us, showing us the way. It promises safety and provides special accents. CERAN EXCITE® supports users with visual light beams and enriches the cooking experience by offering exactly what users value: intuitive and intelligent operability. Interaction with the new cooktops is now possible, including via integrated TFT displays, where recipes can be directly displayed on the cooktop. Lighting concepts can also be completely integrated according to the individual: brilliant white light, clear shapes, luminous accents and light-flooded cooking zones. Because cooking not only looks great with colorful cooktops, it is also a lot more fun!

Explore new possibilities

The right light for when it’s hot

Bright, clear, multi-colored lighting solutions for hot and cold cooking surfaces.

A safe option for every family member

With CERAN EXCITE®, induction now offers the user visual feedback in the cooking and display area.

Elegance with flair

With so many options, the design possibilities for the cooktop are limitless.

High-resolution displays

The integration of high-resolution monochromatic TFT displays is now a reality.

Intelligent connectivity

Innovative technologies allow smart devices to control the cooktop.

Cooking becomes more visual

CERAN EXCITE® is an innovative product portfolio for lighting accents within the black cooktop. Thanks to materials optimized for LED colors, they always shine in perfect light. White light, is up to four times brighter than conventional glass-ceramic. Coatings and filter solutions also ensure that the light, when switched on, is true to color, sharply contoured and evenly transmitted, while the cooktop, when switched off, is a homogeneous black surface that does not give a hint of where colorful designs light up at the touch of a button.


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“This glass-ceramic cooktop is a landmark innovation. The intensity of the colors and the size of the light displays not only create a stylish, added value aspect for cooktops, but they also increase user-friendliness and functionality” Sander Brouwer, Whirlpool Corporation, IF Awards jury member

SCHOTT, Ceran, Excite, Innovation, Kochfeld, IFA, Licht, Kochen, Küche, Glaskeramik, Jörn Besinger

“Lighting is a highly emotional component which makes products more exciting. As an interaction interface, it can visually support many functions in the cooktop and thus meet the high demands of the user.” Dr. Jörn Besinger, Head of Product Management & New Business Development at SCHOTT CERAN®

SCHOTT, Ceran, Excite, Innovation, Kochfeld, IFA, Licht, Kochen, Küche, Glaskeramik, Jörn Besinger


A bright future

Less is more – the new product design fulfils this adage in every possible way. Elaborate decoration is now simply replaced by light, making the design so minimalist and yet elegant, exclusive and modern so that no additional elements are necessary. The light-based look is a new take on the traditional design principle, “form follows function”. Now, function can also follow form. Light is both the function as well as the form and appearance of the kitchen appliance controls, ensuring more intelligent, safer and connected solutions. The journey of lighting has only just begun.

At the upcoming IFA, visitors are able to discover the exciting design possibilities of CERAN EXCITE® first hand as featured in the innovative Siemens iQ700 activeLight cooktop.

Designing tomorrow’s cooktop together.

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Kathrin Becker
Marketing Director CERAN®

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