Better analysis quality

Pre-scored chip substrates provide new options for manufacturers of innovative diagnostic consumables.

Increasingly high-quality and smaller chips that are already overtaking laboratory functions are required in order to further develop rapid diagnostic tests. SCHOTT is now responding to the trend towards miniaturization with NEXTERION® PreScora. These prestructured substrates can go through processing as a whole and then be easily brought to their final size.

The new product underlines SCHOTT’s aspiration to supply diagnostics companies with the widest selection of solutions used in NGS (next generation sequencing), LoaC (lab-on-a-chip), microarrays, and POC diagnostics (point of care).

A chip made of glass substrates held in a hand with a white glove.
SCHOTT NEXTERION® PreScora glass substrates in miniature for rapid diagnostic tests.

November 8th, 2019

Karola Koban
Home Tech