Our Commitment to the Environment

SCHOTT has been a leader in the international glass industry in the area of environmental and climate protection for many years. Regardless of the legal requirements, SCHOTT works dilligently to maintain the highest standards for sustainable environmental and climate protection, as well as occupational safety.

The main focuses for SCHOTT are on using less energy and fewer resources and lowering the emissions that result during the manufacture of glass. Our company continues to lower its specific energy requirement per ton of melted glass by making a host of improvements to process sequences and using pure oxygen for firing. This will result in a significant reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides and CO2 that harm our environment.

SCHOTT continues to systematically extend its ecological commitment by introducing environmentally-friendly products and technologies. An Example is eco-friendly CERAN Suprema® and CERAN Hightrans® eco glass-ceramic that are manufactured without using the metals arsenic and antimony as additives.

In the areas of product development and manufacturing, we work hard to minimize the impact of these activities on the environment and constantly improve protection of the environment. In order to do so, we introduced an environmental management system at the global level that is based on the international standard for environmental management ISO 14001.

The Principles for Safety, Security, Health and Environment that were formulated by our corporate management serve as guiding principles for all of our employees on how to act each day. SCHOTT has already received several awards for its environmental commitment, including the German Innovation Award 2010.

"More than 30% of the registered patents SCHOTT has can be classified as being environmentally relevant."

Thomas Harbach, head of SCHOTT patent department