Environmental Awards

SCHOTT presented with the Corporate Environmental Achievement Award 2013

SCHOTT has received the American Ceramic Society’s Corporate Environmental Achievement Award for its sustainable manufacturing of SCHOTT CERAN® and PYRAN® Platinum glass-ceramics. “The Corporate Environmental Achievement Award serves as a benchmark for companies pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly products and processes in the field of ceramics,” said Dr. Richard Brow, President of The American Ceramic Society. “We unanimously selected SCHOTT based on its significant contributions to the international glass industry through the eco-friendly manufacturing of innovative products that protect our natural resources.” The award-winning SCHOTT products are manufactured without using the toxic heavy metals arsenic and antimony. Furthermore, graywater from a nearby river and renewable energy sources are used with PYRAN® Platinum. These high-quality eco-friendly glass-ceramics have kept an estimated 1,000 tons of harmful chemicals from entering the environment and thus raised the bar for efficient use of energy and water in glass manufacturing.

SCHOTT CERAN® - Among the top 3 products in the German Sustainability Award 2011

Dr. Ulrich Ackermann, member of the SCHOTT Corporate Management Committee (center), Stefan-Marc Schmitt, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Home Tech (left), and Dr. Ioannis Kosmas, Vice President of Operations for Glass-Ceramics (right), accepted congratulations at the German Sustainability Award ceremony held in Düsseldorf.
SCHOTT has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2011 for its environmentally friendly CERAN® cooktop panel. Together with two other companies, SCHOTT is one of the top three in the category “Germany's most sustainable products and services”.


With its nomination, the jury paid tribute to SCHOTT’s outstanding technological expertise and its acceptance of responsibility for society and the environment. Following the development of a new environmentally friendly melting technology, the company became the world's first and only manufacturer of glass-ceramic cooktop panels to produce these products without using the toxic heavy metals arsenic and antimony and is setting new global standards once again.

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging recognized for environmental management

The Bavarian State Minister of the Environment and Public Health, Dr. Marcel Huber (right), congratulates Christian Geiger, the Site Manager of SCHOTT Electronic Packaging in Landshut.
SCHOTT Electronic Packaging was honored for its longstanding commitment to the Bavarian Environmental Pact REGIONAL. SCHOTT Electronic Packaging has been a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact REGIONAL since 2000 and actively pursues environmental protection. "The objective of the Bavarian Environmental Pact REGIONAL is to anchor ecological and sustainable management even more firmly with the companies based in the regions of Bavaria. These activities benefit not only the environment; they also pay off for the respective companies in economic terms. SCHOTT definitely serves as a role model with its environmental policies and we thank the company for its many years of support," said the Bavarian State Minister of the Environment and Public Health, Dr. Marcel Huber.

The Environmental Pact has stood for ecological management since 1995. Since then, companies have been given the chance to participate in the Bavarian Environmental Pact REGIONAL and pursue their commitment to environmental protection above and beyond the legal regulations.

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2010

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT AG (center) together with the SCHOTT CERAN® team during the festive award ceremony in Munich.
Recognized for Environmental Friendliness!
SCHOTT AG® was granted with the German Innovation Award 2010 in the large enterprises category for CERAN Suprema® and CERAN Hightrans® eco glass-ceramic cooktop panels for environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques. Through this prestigious recognition, SCHOTT secures its ability to continue manufacturing SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic panels in Germany, the development of new blue lighting capabilities for its cooktop panels, as well as its successful ingredient branding strategy together with its customers.

When developing its innovations, SCHOTT is closely guided by the needs of its customers, for whom sustainability plays an important role. A glass-ceramic cooktop panel that doesn’t contain the metals arsenic and antimony has resulted from this developmental work. The Mainz-based company became the first manufacturer in the world to produce this product with the help of SCHOTT`s patented melting technology. SCHOTT now saves more than 180 tons of these heavy metals each year and thus makes an important contribution to our environment.


Öko-Test evaluates photovoltaic modules

“Sehr gut" (very good) for SCHOTT Solar
The consumer magazine Öko-Test (4/2010 edition) rated SCHOTT Solar’s photovoltaic modules with the highest score possible: “Sehr gut" (very good). Together with the magazine Photon‘s testing laboratory, this magazine evaluated a total of 15 mono and polycrystalline solar modules from German and foreign manufacturers with respect to their performance and possible shortfalls.
The SCHOTT POLY 220 polycrystalline solar module achieved an excellent score in this test. The module was given the highest possible score of “Sehr gut" (very good) in both “Performance Testing” and testing for “Defects".