BOSCH TT - Water heaters as a design object

Thanks to the expertise and extensive processing capability in glass, Schott assists Bosch in developing a unique design concept for water heaters with smooth human-machine interface and remarkable safety.

Bosch Thermotechnology, the world’s leading producer of commercial heating and cooling systems as well as residential water, air and room climate systems, released jointly with SCHOTT the Therm 6800 F gas water heater in classic black and white color during their New Product Release Press Conference. The products apply the latest environmental friendly heating technology and feature the German Bosch DNA design concepts of “serving users with the optimum quality” as well as “simple design and easy to use”. The product therefore has won the Red Dot Design Award 2018 and has been granted a patent for its exceptional design.

From the hidden corner to an important interior design element is a big trend for water heater products in China, which Bosch Therm 6800 F gas water heater is pushing in the market. The classic black and white glass models released at the press conference are especially eye-catching due to the unique “Bosch Ring” design and SofTouch TM sensitive touch screen completing its elegant and stylish look and easy operation. Due to its excellent processing capability and technology, SCHOTT glass perfectly supports Bosch's high-end, modern design concept, and its excellent temperature and impact resistance makes the products more durable, safe and reliable. During the event, Mr. Evandro Amorim, Director International Product Management Asia-Pacific, Bosch Thermotechnology, and Dr. Laetsch, President & CEO Asia, SCHOTT AG unveiled the products in front of the guests.

“BOSCH and SCHOTT have a lot in common. Both originate from Germany, both are foundations about 130 years old, both are consistently driving innovation in markets around the globe, and both keep re-inventing themselves. We have a number of partnerships with BOSCH for various applications in various markets, but especially our collaboration here has brought up exciting new products. Thank you for having been a part of your new product development. We believe that our strong cooperation will be the basis of further new products in the future, let us continue to work together.” said Dr. Laetsch.

“As a long-term partner, Bosch chose SCHOTT as the glass supplier of Therm 6800 F gas water heaters which is a high recognition of our Research & Development as well as supply capabilities. During the development of the project, Bosch gave us full trust and support: early involvement, effective communication and our global presence as well as technology network were the keys to success for this project”.
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