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A Lot More Than Just Glass Panels

We love sharing our valuable experiences with you. Expertise, quality and collaboration are packed in every one of our products and solutions, allowing us to provide you with something more than just the glass panel.

SCHOTT is the globally recognized expert for flat glass products, with very high standards for our technologies, processes and our quality. Technical and application consulting are also part of the services we offer. If glass panels are the solution for your new appliances, we will work together with you to bring your product ideas all the way to serial production. We are expanding our capabilities day by day and your products can benefit from our broad know-how in the appliance industry.

We know all the special requirements from the market through years of experience and joint projects with our customers. We also understand exactly what is needed for serial production, therefore ensuring reliable and flexible logistics processes, including the supply from our various global production facilities. We understand the needs of our customers and because we do, we offer you a broad spectrum of products and solutions in response.
»We are constantly pushing the limits for creating novel glass components even if the implementation initially appears to be difficult.«
Gregor Grosse
Global Business Development und Innovations Manager

Trust is Part of the Development Process

Is it your goal to bring innovative flat glass solutions to series production? You can play it on the safe side with us. We will carefully examine your requirements and rigorously test them all throughout the various development phases.

SCHOTT supports every development phase to ensure that the glass components function according to plan in the final appliance. Finally, we want our customers to benefit from a smooth start in their serial production. Our proven procedures ensure that we can focus on the main point: namely, to realize the original idea in a serial product.

Step by step to series production:

1. Study Phase

  • We develop ideas for new designs or functionalities – within our teams or together with you.
  • We jointly evaluate whether the initial ideas are achievable and then test different approaches – with or without glass samples.
  • You describe to us the most important design and functional requirements of the glass and we test the general feasibility.
  • To allocate sufficient development resources and to  meet timelines, we implement standardized project management methodology.
This is a drawing showing three heads in a row. Above each head there are icons – a question mark, small gear wheels and a light bulb. That  illustrates the process of finding innovative ideas.
This is drawing showing two stickmans holding gear wheels that interact with each other.  That illustrates the working close together in a team.

2. Development Phase

  • The initial ideas are verified and first prototypes with the desired properties are developed.
  • First sample series are produced for internal testing – if necessary, including variants.
  • After the selection process, the design freeze is determined together with the customer.
  • We perform FMEA studies to systematically avoid or eliminate potential errors.
  • As a rule, these small batches are produced under real production conditions.
  • Marketing and design teams from our customer verify the design, haptics and desired functions based on the samples.

3. Launch Phase

  • With regard to appearance and functionality, the innovative product is finalized in close cooperation with the customer.
  • If necessary, SCHOTT can set up additional production facilities, the ramp-up will be reviewed during the launch phase.
  • The processes for the serial production are finalized and tested.
  • Together with you, we determine the timing up to the serial production: release of samples, quantities for pilot production, etc.
This is a drawing showing an arrow and three stickmen. Two of them stand on the left end of the arrow and try to pull up the peak of the arrow with a rope. The scene illustrates success when working together in a team.
The pictures shows the bottom left corners of two SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glass panels placed one above the other. Both have a printed black frame. The picture is a visualizes the topic “See more processing possibilities”.

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