Tempering for High Resistance

From Standard Glass to Security Glass

Glass in homes has to be able to withstand a lot: Having a high shock resistance as well as thermal resistance is especially important in the hard day-to-day life of a kitchen or bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want their product looking good and functioning well after many years of use?
Every soda-lime glass panel leaves our production sites as a security glass. A process known as ‘thermal tempering’ helps to ensure this. During this process, the glass is first heated and then quickly cooled in the tempering furnace. The tension generated in the material ensures an increase in breaking strength under mechanical and thermal stress. Our glass undergoes this process at a constantly high level. Sophisticated tempering processes generate the certainty for safety glass on a constant high level.

Benefits for your products:
  • Flat glass with high thermal resistance
  • High shock and impact resistance
  • A perfect look of your product – even after many years
  • Meet the required norms
  • In case of damage, the glass shatters into small particles

Typical Applications

The pictures shows the bottom left corners of two SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glass panels placed one above the other. Both have a printed black frame. The picture is a visualizes the topic “See more processing possibilities”.

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