Printed Circuit Options

Smart Integration of Functions on the Glass

If you need to link flat glass with electronics, SCHOTT can provide you with two technologies for your product development: Printed circuits for control panels and heating circuits printed on glass for heating units or warming plates.

We print circuits directly onto the glass, making the use of printed foils unnecessary. This extends the lifespan and allows for a thinner and more flexible construction. With suitable interfaces for the assembly of electronic components or
capacitive sensors, the number of your design options increases.
Similar advantages can also be found for printed heating circuits:  foils can be eliminated and thus the danger of yellowing or glue break. The pure look of the glass can ideally be combined with the heating function.

Benefits for your products:
  • Extended lifespan
  • Precise responsiveness for sensors
  • Thin and flexible construction
  • Interfaces on the glass for electronic components
  • Circuits printed on the glass avoid the need for printed foils

Typical applications

The pictures shows the bottom left corners of two SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glass panels placed one above the other. Both have a printed black frame. The picture is a visualizes the topic “See more processing possibilities”.

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