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We Invest in Ideas

Are you searching for ideas and new solutions, and looking for an experienced international partner? One who jointly develops ideas with you and then brings them to production stage?
Innovation is part of our DNA. Whether it is a customer who confronts us with an unusual challenge or we develop our own new ideas or become inspired by new technologies within the SCHOTT group, we are the experts who turn ideas into reality with a great deal of curiosity and enthusiasm. We transform them into reliable serial products via our proven development process.

Innovation is not solely inspiration, it is also the result of systematic hard work. At SCHOTT, our globally networked innovation team analyzes trends, researches the market, leads workshops and systematically verifies new ideas. The central SCHOTT R&D department as well as external research facilities become involved as needed. Our international team brings in ideas and requirements from every region to be included in the development process. This is how new ideas emerge for markets around the world.
»Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.«
Theodore Levitt
American Economist and Professor at Harvard Business School

Exploring the Future

When developing innovations, we focus our efforts on four areas:
Innovative Products: one egg in gold in rows of white eggs. This visualizes design with a “Distinctive Style”.

Distinctive Style – Unique Design

The versatility of glass motivates us to continuously search for design options beyond today's solutions. Colors, surface effects, 3D effects, haptic properties, there is so much to discover.
This is virtual situation: many blue square areas fly in a black space, circuits connect the square areas. The finger of a hand tips on one blue square as if it would push a button.

Smart Guidance – Intuitive Operation

Making the operation of your products smart and easy drives us to search for new solutions beyond glass, inspired by the recent developments in mobile devices.
This picture shows a hilly and green landscape with a blue sky. It stands for ecologic technologies, sustainability or energy saving inspirations, for example.

Eco Vision – The Key for Sustainability

How can glass contribute to improved sustainability or less energy consumption? The world of coatings and functional possibilities inspires us to explore new features.
This picture shows a little girl cleaning a window. She is smiling. The photo illustrates the innovation field “Easy care” at SCHOTT Flat Glass

Easy Care – Comfort and Easy Usage

Less is more! That is why we look for chances to reduce the effort needed for the daily care of glass by providing panels with intelligent surfaces.

Trends and Market Insights

This picture shows a finger touching a flat touch switch on a black glass surface. An icon as a symbol for a cup of coffee displays a sensor behind the glass.

Going “Shy Tech” with High Tech

Sustained trend: previously visible switch functions are now ‘hidden’ in off-mode behind sleek appliance front panels, creating a minimalist design.
The picture shows a bar chart where you see growth. In the background, there is a blurred photo of a kitchen. Both stands for market growth in home appliance market.

Safe Production Certificate

The Turkish Standards Institute awarded the ‘Safe Production Certificate’ to SCHOTT Orim Cam in July
•Key visual for Services: The picture shows two men looking at a computer screen. They discuss in close collaboration a project or any other issue in a working environment.

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