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Responsible Product Development and Production

Creating the future involves having ideas and responsibility. It is also about our innovations for more product safety and the protection of the environment and natural resources. If these topics are also important to you, then we are the right partner for developing new ideas and implementing them in the market. Sustainability is a crucial part of our innovative thinking and acting. Not only can glass be recycled, but it is long lasting as well, and flat glass products made by SCHOTT comply with the relevant European environmental standards RoHS and REACH. 

Our latest Innovations:
  • SCHOTT Energy Double
  • SCHOTT CleanPlus
This is a thermal image of a baking oven during a self-cleaning process. Its shows the heat distribution of the front glass of an oven. A color indication explains the temperature level of all visible colors from yello, orange to deep blue.
This picture shows a little girl touching the glass of an oven door with her right hand without burning her hand. This situation illustrates the effect of heat-reflection of SCHOTT Energy double.
Our glass solutions make sustainability possible. We put a great deal of focus on eco-friendly processes, including the development of new coatings, which reduce the consumption of cleaning products.  In addition, we are constantly working on increasing  the energy efficiency of baking ovens. Highly efficient, heat- reflecting coatings for inner oven glasses or special ceramic colors for outer oven glasses with increased reflection of IR-Radiation, help to reduce the ambient temperature of a baking oven. Hence both solutions contribute to making the use of baking ovens more safe.

Typical glass applications

This picture shows the O of the logo SCHOTT in a 3D glass model placed on a light blue area.

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