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Are you searching for future ideas  to make the handling of appliances easier for your customers? The product experience of a baking oven is not only limited to its operational and cooking aspects. The cleaning is an extremely important topic and an additional area for our innovation efforts. Here glass is unbeatable because even in its original form, it is easy to clean. To further reduce the cleaning effort, we are researching new solutions for home appliances and user interfaces.

Our latest innovations:
  • SCHOTT Clean Plus
  • Satin-finished surfaces
This is a blue surface covered with water drops. The latter are round and have clear shapes, from which the user deduces, that the surface is coated with a special coating like SCHOTT Clean Plus.
This picture shows a young women wearing rubber gloves and holding a cleaning cloth. She is smiling, because she has finished cleaning fast.
The cleaning of glass surfaces only requires simple, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents. Coated glasses from SCHOTT, i.e. for inner oven doors, are even easier to clean, because the coating prevents dirt from sticking on the surface. This saves time and reduces the need for using cleaning agents, because cleaning can be reduced to a minimum. We are continuously researching similar topics for the easy care of glass.

SCHOTT® Clean Plus

This advanced easy-to-clean coating repels spills and dirt from the inner oven window surface and thus reduces cleaning efforts.The surface is extremely durable and has proven itself to be long lasting. You want to learn more about this state-of-the-art coating?

Typical applications

This picture shows the O of the logo SCHOTT in a 3D glass model placed on a light blue area.

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